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Website and Portal Development

Let's partner to take your business to the next level, accomplish your objectives and reach out to your clients, employees and partners.

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Corporate Email

Let’s go professional. Having your business email is nowadays becoming a necessity. Using free service may help cut cost but how good would that be for your business image, status and trust by customers and business partners. Using business email distinguishes your company and adds credibility to your offerings.

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Graphical Design

Graphical designs nowadays are becoming an essential part for any business all the way from startup to reporting and customer engagement. We specialize in high quality, yet cost effective solutions that suit your particular requirements and level of customization and uniqueness. Contact us to work with you.

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Invoicing & Quotes Systems

As your business grows and your client base expands, managing your projects, quotations, invoicing may go beyond control. We have a solution for this. Just get in touch with our consultants to determine the best for your type of business.

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Booking & Scheduling Systems

Utilization of shared assets and services can best be managed through a well-designed information system. Whether you are managing shared conference rooms, meeting halls, labs or scheduling clients’ visits, we have the right solution. We will help you identify the best solution, implement it for you, manage it and train your staff to use it properly. Contact us to know more about your requirements and to learn about our offering.

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Retail POS

Our mature solution for retailers. Retail POS provides lots of features ready for retail business including integration with hardware components, full control over system data and customization to suite any particular business. Learn more about Retail POS.

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Customer _Relationship_Management

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is an essential part in your marketing efforts. Having a system that holds all your leads, opportunities, sales, quotes, invoices and analytics is not a luxury anymore. You can simply contact us to work together towards strengthening your marketing standpoint and help you departure to a new world of professional management of marketing.

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Restaurant Drive-Thru App

An innovative solution by 9XSoft, created to transform restaurants and coffee shops businesses particularly those whose business depends much on drive-thru. This application helps integrate waiters with kitchen and cashier terminals easily.

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eCommerce is more than just online sales, today's most successful companies strive to unify customer experiences across a variety of channels, including physical and digital. 9XSoft can help you enhance customer experiences, manage evolving technologies, develop more efficient commerce and supply chains, enhance agility and reduce complexity. You can boost sales and lower costs with our eCommerce solutions.

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Mobile Applications

Start your mobile business today! Let's partner to take your business to the next level, accomplish your objectives and reach out to your clients, employees and partners.

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